Communal Repeaters

A repeater, simply put, is a base station radio that re-transmits what it receives.

A communal repeater is a repeater that uses multiple codes (either tone or digital) to separate users. This allows multiple users to share the repeaters' resources, therefore the term Communal Repeater.

Communal Repeaters are located on high sites on either tall buildings or mountain ranges.

By using the power and situation of the repeater, the range of communications is increased. The repeater will maximize the range potential of lower wattage units such as mobiles and portables. For example, two mobiles may be able to communicate via line of sight at a range of 2 to 10 kilometers. By using a repeater, these same two units may communicate 20 – 50 kms. This is accomplished by the repeater re-transmitting what it receives. Therefore, if you can transmit to the repeater site, the repeater will re-transmit using its output power, antenna gain and antenna height to increase the range of communications. As an example, one of our clients is able to talk on a hand held portable radio from the Southern Suburbs, including Fish Hoek to the head office, which is situated in Bellville.

Owing to the topography of the Cape Peninsula, Lazer Communications operates a network of Communal Repeaters situated on 15 high sites. Lazer Communications employs a skilled technical team to oversee our repeater network. Our sites are also equipped with battery back-up so communications are not interrupted during power failures. These precautions are necessary as our armed response and emergency service customers rely on our ability to deliver mission critical communications.

We can provide coverage throughout the Cape Peninsula and as far as Hermanus on the East Coast and just short of Saldanha on the West. Pricing is on a fixed monthly subscription per registered radio and is determined by the number of Communal Repeaters required to provide coverage.

Contracts are on a month-to-month basis.

Customer's contracts can be canceled at any time by either party by giving one months advance notice.

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