How to use a communal repeater

The manner in which Communal Repeaters are used in South Africa is governed by regulation C4 of the Telecommunications Act No. 103 of 1996:

C4 Technical requirements for the operation of a private communal radio repeater station service

  1. Subject to the provisions of the Act and of these Regulations no person shall operate or use a private communal repeater station unless -
    1. tone signalling is built into all stations in the system: Provided that if the CTCSS signalling method (continuous-tone coded squelch system) is not used, other method of automatic tone control shall be used to ensure that contact with the repeater station is maintained at the end of each message in order to enable the recipient of the message to reply;
    2. each station is equipped with a two-minute forced repeater-release facility: Provided that the forced release shall not be exclusively dependent on the discontinuance of the carrier;
    3. the private communal radio repeater has a facility to prevent any user group from re-engaging it within one minute of completing a call;
    4. all transceivers have a built-in facility to prevent the transmission of a carrier while the private radio repeater is being used by other clients and by means of which it can be ascertained whether the system is engaged; and
    5. the transmitter power is set at the levels as approved by the Authority.

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