Trunking is a Radio Communication technique. Unlike the traditional radio communication systems, whereby the different users have been operating on separate radio frequencies or radio channels, radio trunking controls and guides the users toward a free channel.

Trunking permits a large number of users to share a relatively small number of communication paths or trunks. Channel assignment is automatic and completely transparent to the individual users. Finding a free channel is therefore not the user obligation as the system does it automatically.

Trunking is therefore defined as the automatic and dynamic allocation of a small number of radio channels among a large number of radio users.

Lazer Communications is an authorized distributor of Fleetcall and Q-Trunk networks and services.

These networks offer either multi-regional coverage or the choice of several regional zones and even local service options. Depending on your fleet's requirements, you can choose single site coverage, multi-site coverage, regional coverage or national coverage we offer a fully range of voice and data services for two-way communication between your base and your drivers, your drivers and your base, or from driver to driver.

Pricing is on a fixed monthly subscription per registered radio and is determined by the extent of the coverage.

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